• Classic & Modern Art in Japan (12D-11N)

    Sold By: The Real Japan

    Classic & Modern Art in Japan: Tokyo, Kanazawa, Yamashiro & Kyoto
    12 Days / 11 Nights – starting from JPY 1,665,000 for two (double occupancy)

    This itinerary, specifically designed for art aficionados, will take you through the vast array of traditional, modern, Japanese and international art collections in Japan’s foremost destinations.

    Discover the vibrant and cosmopolitan city of Tokyo, home to a variety of world-class museums.

    After visiting Hakone’s expansive Open-air Contemporary Art Museum with Mount Fuji as the backdrop, relax in a private hot spring bath at one of Japan’s best Ryokans.

    In Kyoto, escorted visits of UNESCO World Heritage Sites will let you feel the ambience of ancient Japan and its finest cultural heritage. Finally, uncover a hidden gem in the peaceful Island of Naoshima, fully dedicated to contemporary and modern art and home to an upcoming international Art Festival in 2013.

    All visits (except where stated) are privately escorted by a licensed bilingual guide and a chartered vehicle.

    This itinerary is fully customizable and we will be delighted to offer exclusive experiences and encounters, depending on your centers of interest. Please contact us for a personalized offer.

  • Evening Desert Safari Dubai

    Your heart beat will invariably rise as you enter the sand dune area. After reducing the tire pressure and tightening the seat belts you will find your life hanging in the hands of a highly skilled dune rider. Within minutes as the hum of the land cruiser engine rises to match the turbo noise of a taking off jetliner and as the sand covers the screens of the vehicle with the noise of a cats and dogs rain, you find your head hitting the roof of the vehicle as it begins to rock like a boat in the middle of a storm in the high seas. Then you will find you are climbing an almost 75 to 80 degree climb up on the thick sand and then all of a sudden you will find yourself screaming in absolute horror as the vehicle falls down to an almost 90 degree downhill ride. Then you will get a chill on your hips as the vehicle comes to a standstill on a sand cliff where your 4 wheel drive is almost seesawing by the middle of the chassis..

    This is one experience that is extremely exhilarating and adrenaline rushing which is a unique opportunity to test how brave you are.

  • Japan Luxury Express (8D/7N)

    Sold By: The Real Japan

    Discover Japan in luxury: Tokyo, Hakone & Kyoto
    08 days – 07 nights – starting from JPY 1,390,000 for two (double occupancy)

    This privately escorted journey is ideal for first time visitors eager to discover Japan’s highlights in comfort and luxury.

    Take a glimpse into the bustling Tokyo metropolis, from the vibrant Tsukiji market to the ancient district of Asakusa and experience a peaceful calligraphy lesson or Tea Ceremony.

    Indulge in the best of Japanese hospitality at a traditional luxury Inn in the natural settings of Hakone, with picturesque views of Mount Fuji.

    Finally, discover the Kyoto of your imagination: ancient Temples and Shrines peacefully coexist with a city that, while preserving its past, fully lives in the present.

    This itinerary is fully customizable and we will be delighted to offer exclusive experiences and encounters, depending on your centers of interest. Please contact us for a personalized offer.

  • Le Preverger – 15 bedrooms – Cote d’Azur, France

    Rental per week.

    Nestled in the lush hills overlooking St Tropez, the well preserved French chateau of Le Preverger is steeped in history and was once the home of iconic interior designer Laura Ashley. Privacy and peace are guaranteed with fragrant lavender fields, dappled forest walks and hilltop vistas to explore and enjoy. The historic provençal village of La Garde-Freinet is just 12-minute drive from the estate, with its cobblestone streets, intimate bistros, artisan markets and food festivals. For fine dining, designer boutiques and all-night entertainment, the Côte d’Azur is a 40-minute drive away.

    Whether you’re holidaying with family, friends or colleagues, the versatile accommodation – which includes the main house, pool house, coach house and two gypsy caravans – is ideal for both relaxation and socialising. The rooms are dotted across the 140-acre estate to ensure privacy for all guests, while the spacious communal areas and leisure facilities allow you to enjoy plenty of time together as a group. There are dining rooms and reception rooms in all the houses, while the well-stocked library is a tranquil spot to enjoy a good book with your morning coffee or an evening apéritif. Your concierge will arrange tours and itineraries and a professional chef is on hand to shop and cook for you and your guests.

    Your holiday will begin as soon as you touch down on this estate’s private helipad or pull up in your limousine. Step out onto the soft grass, then indulge in whatever your heart desires: take a slow stroll and unwind in the Provençal-style gardens, take in the panoramic views by the poolside, play an invigorating game of tennis or work out in the gym. Relax in one of the luxuriously appointed reception rooms with cool terracotta tiles, sumptuous soft furnishings and stately French furniture, or enjoy a drink on the vine-covered terrace while your personal chef creates memorable meals using locally-sourced produce.

  • Magical Dubai Tour Experience

    Experience the sites of old Dubai and the ultra-modern attractions of the new city on a comprehensive full-day tour. A city that blends the old with the new, Dubai has lots to discover, from its traditional souks to ground-breaking architecture.

  • Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius

    Revel in the natural beauty of the Seychelles, play first class golf in Mauritius or go under water clubbing in the Maldives. All three destinations are famous for their pristine white coral sand beaches, clear turquoise blue waters, excellent diving and deep sea fishing, as well as for their top class hotels and spas – and they are all located in the Indian Ocean.
    So which is the perfect choice for you? We know!
    This is a destination that has evolved, and although they still offer the barefoot luxury that they’re so famous for – there are now also resorts that provide more sporting activities like tennis – and even golf. And you don’t have to rely on a god book for your evening entertainment anymore – now you can dine at underwater restaurants and go to jungle cinemas. And for a really cool and hip flavour visit the Niyama resort where you can party the night away at the World’s first under water night-club 500 metres out to sea.

    The Maldives is the perfect choice for the affluent traveller who expects high-speed Wi-Fi but still want desert island idyll. There is a great choice for everyone – romantic sand-between the toes resorts for honeymooners, resorts with great kids clubs – or resorts with more activities for those of you who don’t fancy lounging in a beach chair for weeks. The islands are also a mecca for scuba divers (and snorkelers) who come for the stunning coral reefs and abundant marine life.

    The Indian Ocean island of Mauritius offers the perfect combination of beautiful beaches and fantastic first class golf courses – amazing family friendly as well as romantic resorts. The island is exclusive and beautiful – and the perfect place to find sun, turquoise sea and pristine white sand beaches. But it also has a lot more to offer including scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, sightseeing and shopping.

    Mauritius is the perfect choice for families and anyone looking for an active beach holiday!

    These islands have the ultimate exclusive appeal and provide real eye candy with a diverse tropical scenery, exquisite ribbons of white sand lapped by topaz waters, backed by lush hills.

    The Seychelles consists of 115 islands scattered in the Indian Ocean. Some islands are grand and granitic, others are tiny coral outcrops poking out of the sea – but each has its very own identity. Depending on the island you can find activities such as golf, horse riding, snorkelling, water sports, various excursions – or maybe you just want to relax on the beach – that’s fine too!

    The islands can almost be said to be a paradox with upscale resorts combining luxury with the preservation of rare wild life. The Seychelles are a living museum of natural history and a natural sanctuary for some of the rarest flora and fauna on earth.

  • Voyage to the Heart of Japan (10D/9N)

    Sold By: The Real Japan

    Voyage to the heart of Japan: Tokyo – Kanazawa – Yamashiro – Kyoto
    10 Days / 09 Nights – starting from JPY 1,590,000 for two (double occupancy)

    Japan offers unparalleled opportunities for discerning travellers who wish to explore the country in depth. This unique journey, will lead you from the main destinations to lesser known parts of this fascinating country.

    Take a glimpse into the bustling metropolis of Tokyo and discover its reminiscent past.

    Enjoy the traditional atmosphere of Takayama and experience the legendary Japanese hospitality at a high-end Ryokan, before witnessing the rich cultural heritage of Kanazawa, where Samurai, Geisha and feudal Lords imposed their mark.

    Finally, reach the climax of your trip with Kyoto’s delightful Temples and atmosphere.

    All visits are privately escorted by a licensed bilingual guide and a chartered vehicle.

    This itinerary is fully customizable and we will be delighted to offer exclusive experiences and encounters, depending on your centers of interest. Please contact us for a personalized offer.

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